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We would love to hear from you!

The form below is mainly for customers who are unable to write an Etsy review. This includes individuals who have purchased an item on Etsy as a guest, who have purchased an item in person (fairs & festivals), or who received one of our items as a gift.


If you used your personal Etsy account to purchase an item, please submit your review directly through Etsy because it will help the growth of our shop. We will then copy your Etsy review to our website, but we will not include your Etsy username. We will type "Registered Etsy Customer" under your review. If you want your name to be included on our website, please submit your review through both Etsy and our Review Form.

If you decide to fill out the form below, your review will post to our website within 24 hours. If you need to make any corrections, simply fill out and submit another form. Type the word (CORRECTION) at the beginning of whatever you're correcting, and your old review will be replaced by your new one within 24 hours. Please do not worry about accidental spelling/punctuation errors. They will be corrected, but your original wording will be posted.


Thank you! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Submit a Review

Your review has been submitted, and it will post to our website within 24 hours. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! We appreciate it.

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