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Artwork by Melissa Lightwell

Artist Statement

I have been drawing and crafting since I was a child and even though I never received a formal art education, I have continuously made efforts to improve my skills independently. Nature has been and always will be my greatest teacher. I was raised in and still reside in Northern California, and I have always drawn inspiration from the natural shapes and colors within my surroundings. My father is also an artist. Watching his own creative process and ability to self-teach is what led me into the exciting world of autodidacts. As a child, I checked out drawing videos and tutorial books from our local library and as an adult, I still challenge myself to learn new techniques through various resources. Independent learning has definitely been a slow and sometimes frustrating process but the results continue to be extremely rewarding. Psychology is

also an interest of mine. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and some of my creations are inspired by contemplations on human behavior and cultural influences. I’m also a strong believer in art therapy, for I myself have found creativity to be extremely healing. No matter what I create through drawing, painting, sewing, woodworking, or jewelry making, my intention is to spread uplifting energy and to inspire others to explore their own thoughts, feelings, and creativity.

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