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Woodwork by Jeff Bagwell

©2023 Lightwell Cottage

Artist Statement

Woodwork by Jeff Bagwell

I started woodworking as a hobby in 1995. After teaching in the Auburn Union School District for over 20 years, I’m now retired and able to dedicate more time to this favorite craft of mine. Overtime, I learned to challenge myself by moving beyond patterns and creating my own original pieces. I learned that I could use my love of drawing and imagination to work with the natural shape and beauty of raw pieces of wood. The majority of my material comes from trees that have naturally fallen during storms. I’ve been an Auburn, California resident for over forty years now, and I enjoy helping local residents clear fallen trees that I can then use for woodworking. Occasionally, I use pieces of reclaimed wood from other projects or that have been gifted. Because I don’t purchase perfectly

milled boards, I’m able to create one of a kind pieces with unique shapes. My favorite form of woodwork is power-carving because it allows me to bring my visions to life. Original wood art is my passion, but I also enjoy making functional pieces for everyday use such as wooden plates and bowls. Each piece highlights what I see in nature, and my hope is to share this beauty through my creations. 

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