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Lightwell Cottage is a small father-daughter business that offers a variety of handmade gifts. Our home-based business is located in the beautiful Northern California Foothills in Auburn, where we live on a quiet acre with over 100 oak trees and lots of beautiful wildlife. We are both self-taught, and we started this business from a simple love of creativity and a desire to share our gifts with others. In today’s world of impressive AI technology, computerized machinery, and mass production, we hope to inspire others to keep the art of handcrafting alive. Whether you purchase an item from us or simply become inspired to create with your own hands, our main hope is to help spread a deep appreciation for the thoughtful art of handcrafting.

Melissa Lightwell and Jeff Bagwell

This website is dedicated to Bunny Stanfield by Melissa Lightwell.

Thank you for helping to light this beautiful lamp; you are a true inspiration.

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